Never been to a Pro Motocross and i wanna go this year to Hangtown. Was planning of just getting general admission, does that mean i can find a spot on the track i wanna watch and setup my chair and umbrella... idk what to expect i'm getting all jacked just talking about it. Advise on what i should prepare for or what i might need. Thanks

your on the right path with what you said so far, maybe a misty mate to keep you cool and moist, and what ever you want to pack(lunch, mini cooler, etc)

also suntan lotion . you will most likely move around to different spots to see different parts of the track . you can not see the whole track from just 1 spot .

:ride:aw yes Hangtown, my favorite time of the year, you need to keep an eye on the weather its usually blazing hot or monsoon stye rain with warm weather, either of which the umbrella is gold, if you are going by yourself i would pack your camal back with hydration, food and a program, GA is just fine you can go all over the place if you're willing to hike a bit, if your going to sit in one place all day show up early and plant your flag, my friends and I are damn near the first people to drive in, just to get our spot on the hill that we've had for the last ten years, and this year i get to crutch it up the hill yay, one other thing if you arive early you veh will be burried in parking and you may have an hour wait just to get out of the park where as if you show up around 10-11 you get a longer walk but a much faster exit time.:thumbsup:

man just talkin about it i cant wait

Or drive a TOYOTA and get VIP parking .

Or drive a TOYOTA and get VIP parking .

the VIP parking is nice but its the parking guys discression as what toyotas to pick because theres only limited space, and everyone that gets the VIP tickets gets vip parking, i know somtimes they'll let toyotas park free.

Hangtown has many places to sit and watch the races. It is best that you get there early and find a good spot. In the summer time it is sweltering hot most of the time so an umbrella and plenty of water is best. Ive only been to one race where it was raining and it poured down pretty bad. So an umbrella is good either way.

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