NGK Plugs for KLX 300

I have an 01 KLX 300.

Spec plug is NGK DR8E.

The KLX 250 spec. plug is NGK CR8E. Of course, I bought the CR8E b/c i didn't look closely.

Whats the difference between these plugs and will the CR8E run okay in the 300?

I have been running CR8E plugs since day one in my 1999 KLX 300 with great success. Actually I switched to the Iridium plug a few years back (CR8EIX). did not know they specified anything else. From my understanding the difference in plugs is how they dissipate heat and the way it is accomplished.

I appreciate the reply. Seems this is a REALLY hot issue around here with all the activity!

I've had my 300 for 2 years and haven't yet looked at the plug. Maybe it's time?

ram, are you sure the DR8E is a 300 plug? I see the CR8E seems to be the recommended plug for the 300. If I read NGK's FAQ sheet on "what the plug numbers mean" description correctly, the C series is a 10mm plug while the D series is a 12mm plug. Did Kaw change the plug size on the 300 at some point? I don't think they did, but I don't have any inside info on that. I suggest you read the NGK site's FAQ section that tells you how and why the plug numbers change and what they mean. Very informative.

Well, i have the KLX service manual in front of me. (and I'm taking care to make sure i'm not mis-reading it).

The klx 250 manual says the plug is NKG CR8E

The klx 300 supplement says NGK DR8E.

Given the measurements you just looked up (which I didn't think to do) the 300 uses a DR8E and shouldn't be interchangable with the KLX 250.


ram, the NGK site for the '97-'07 KLX300 shows only a CR8E plug...10mm. I doubt the 300 uses a different size plug than the KLX250. Even the older KLX250's all the way to present show to use the CR8E...10mm. Maybe it's a misprint in your manual.

I agree, it doesn't make sense given that the 250 and 300 are almost identical in many ways. Maybe someone with another manual can post what they have.

My 250 manual's dates are 1993 - 1996 KLX 250's. My 300 suplement is for a 1997 KLX 300. Maybe that's where the difference is.

If I have the time, I'll install the CR8E and report back to settle my curiosity.


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