Come on girls ... lets go play :)

See... us SuperMoto racers aren't to bad :moon:

heres the track :p

Come on ladies... lets go :worthy: my bike is so up for any of you to ride as well as a few others.

Come on....... I know you can do it :confused:

What can you get for $25.00 any where else?? I mean use of a bike, track time, lessons from the fast guys and cute racers ;)

My bike as well as 4 others as of right now are available for this day :thumbsup: from 80 to 610.

Let us show you how to have some fun backing it in on t he Tarmac vs the dirt :busted:

Track is just under a mile long 790ft front straight that reaches speeds in excess of 90+ mph (my top speed is 91)

Come on... lets have some cheap fun :smirk:


All bikes will be on slicks ;)

If I could get slicks for my DS80, i'd be all for trying it. WOuldn't feel comfortable unless I was close to the ground, Heck probably wouldn't be comfortable no matter what. Asphalt hurts man. If I can bruise/crack a rib in the dirt what would happen to me on asphalt. But wouldn't it be awesome to see a little DS80 set up for sumo????

Oh Joann you don't need slicks on that 80 :busted:

The Tarmac only hurts bad when you highside not to bad when you lowside :worthy: But I will say if your on slicks and hit the mud/grass and are on the brakes you do pick up speed hehe

You so missed the fun. I spoke with the track owners and the yagreed with me to continue this for the rest of the year :confused: so let me know when you want to give this a try and I will make sure to be at the track and give you all the info, pointers and stuff you will need to have some fun :thumbsup:

And yes Joann... it does not matter how fast you go out there it's all about having fun and learning. We want you out there when we're out there and just hold your line and we will pass as well as show you lines in turns :smirk:

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