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Wheel fitment

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but here is the break down once again:

CR250R and CRF450R use the same size rear wheel 19x2.15

CR125R and CRF250R use teh same size rear wheel 19x1.85

All these models use the same 21x1.60 front.

So here is what you are looking for for a CRF450R:

02-current CR250R/CRF450R rear wheel.

00-Current front wheel from and CRF450/250R or CR125/250R

now you can use the rear wheels from a CR250R from 00-01 but they use different size rear rotor bolts and of course different rotors. So you have to use the rear rotor for that 00-01 wheel. But it will work. Basically if you get a rear wheel be sure it comes with a rotor and you are good.

Now if you use a CRF250R or CR125 rear wheel, you can remove the 1.85 rim and lace back up a 2.15 rear rim. The hub is the same. Same issue with the 00-01 year on the rear rotor.

Now front wheel I believe goes all the way back to 1997 on the hub if I am correct there. Check the parts fische to find out.

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The front wheel goes back to 95 on the CR250 and probably the 500 did not get the "New" hub until later 97 I think.

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