Carb help Leak jet help

I need help on leak jet recomendations-I have an o6 x with air box mod and fmf jet kit and jardine slip on.I ride from 5k to 7k typically .I have noticed a bog when trying to blast out of sandy corners or rolling up to hills when I go to wick the throttle .I have noticed the leak jet mentioned as part of this problem.i have the stock leak in I am not even sure what number it is it was a cali bike with the smog crap on it that has also been removed.I was just wondering if anybody had an idea of what #leak jet I should try?

Block off the leak jet.

Either pinch it in a vice, melt a drop of solder, a gob of JB Weld, etc. It runs great, has amazing response, and costs $0

Depending on the state of tune and the elevation that you ride, blocking off the leak jet will give you a 'rich' bog. Just ask a KTM owner.

It doesn't do it on an X. It may on an R. Eddie's own suggestion is to block it.

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