DR650 surging...

I bought a new (2010) DR650 this week and a problem has surfaced. It may be something minor, so I thought I'd try here before hauling it all the way back to the dealer.

In a nutshell: There is a miss somewhere in the 3500-4000 RPM range. In first gear between 35 and 40 km/h, there is a definite miss...nothing major, but I can tell she is hesitating. Same in 2nd gear between 55 and 65 km/h. Roughly speaking, it is in and around the "1/4 throttle" area.

It's as if she just runs out of fuel for a split second, then recovers, then starves....I'm thinking that, as a 2010, she might have been sitting on the showroom floor for too long and some of the secondary circuits in the carb might be a bit gummed up.

I've poured some SEAFOAM into the tank and ran her for a few minutes afterwards...I guess I'll see tomorrow.

Anything else I should look for? I've done the cursory checks of spark plugs, carb-boot, etc...She starts easily enough and idles well...no problem there.

Just to recap: 2010 DR650...84 original kms (aka NEW)...no mods...no tricks...no farkles...totally stock.


It is lean, drill out the fuel screw plug and adjust the fuel screw to richen mixture. Shim the needle in the slide with a .76mm washer and pull the air box snorkel. I have a '11 model and just did that with less than 100 miles on it. Mine was surging some kinda bad before I did the above things.

OK..I "think" I understand the part about shimming the needle (had to do that with an old CT90) but the part about the snorkel went right by me.

The mechanic said pretty much the same thing; it is lean from the factory and they have to drill out the plug to access the mixture screw. Of course, this isn't covered under the usual warranty because Suzuki doesn't like people messing with the "emissions controls"...

I am capable of doing what you suggested (save the "snorkel" thing), it's just that as a NEW bike, I didn't want to mess with anything that might void the warranty/coverage...

It will be interesting to see what it's like when I get it back.


If you dig deep enough MXROB has all the dirt on dr jetting. The quick and dirty is stock jets with no snorkel and 7mm total shim height from the bottom of the slide to the clip on the needle and 3 1/2 coil cut from the slide spring. The KTM LC4 needle has an adjustable clip and supposedly works a touch better than the stocker. Mine is still on order.

Another bit of info, the stock design has the needle hanging from a shelf in the bottom of the slide. This shelf is the same height as the thickness of the plastic spacer. Eventually the spacer will wear down and the needle will wear on the emulsion tube, changing your jetting. If you file a flat on the plastic spacer you can get it to drop down past this shelf, making the needle strait instead of angled. If you do this you will need to shim the needle up to make up for the loss of height from the plastic shim sitting in the bottom of the slide instead of the shelf. The total amount of shim is 7mm, including the one that was shaved down to clear the shelf. This is the baseline I'm running right now and the bike is worlds better than it was before. It all sounds complicated but its not.


Linkey See post 330

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OK...so what is this business about "no snorkel"? Are you saying to remove the rubber tube between the carb and the airbox?

If you brought it from a motorcycle shop take it back and ask them to fix it. Otherwise if you start fiddling they won't want to know anything about your problem.


The snorkel is the rubber thing in the top of the air box under the seat. It simply wedges into the air box and with enough effort pops right out. The bike will run worlds better with out it. You can try getting the dealer to fix it but good luck...

Your up against epa mandated crap, I don't think the dealer can help too much. And besides that, it takes more than just changing the main jet to fix it. If it were mine I'd pull the snorkel, and shim the needle. Be sure to save the original parts so if it has to go back for warranty it can be returned to stock. I can guarantee you will be amazed at how much better it runs once you get the jetting fixed.


P.S. On a side note, Your in BC/Canada? If so you might have a different and/or adjustable needle in the carb instead of the US fixed needle. If your needle is adjustable then simply lower the clip one notch and try it.

If you brought it from a motorcycle shop take it back and ask them to fix it. Otherwise if you start fiddling they won't want to know anything about your problem.

there isn't a fix the dealer will do, they sell them too lean. i have an 09 and had to do the jetting/snorkle thing myself..surge gone i didnt worry about the warranty, the drs never fail. everyone is different though...

there isn't a fix the dealer will do, they sell them too lean...

Which is precisely the problem!

Got a phone call from the Dealer (where I bought it and returned for servicing) and he said that the diaphragm was also pinched and had a pleat in it!:confused:

and he also didn't think that the needle was the right one for Canada, so this might end up being a warranty issue after all!

Thanks for all the replies!:thumbsup:

Bonus if you get a free slide/diaphragm out of them. As I recall those are $$. I'd be surprised if it actually fixes it. If it doesn't all the info you need is here. Good luck.


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