Need tires ASAP!!!

Not new here... just been awhile. New to the tard though and am looking for a good deal on a set of slicks for a trackday Coming up on the 22nd of may at VIR. Any one have any good leads on some rubber?

120/70-17 front

150/60-17 rear

Thanks ahead of time.

Have you looked at the Shinko slicks? They are the only ones that you will find in that size.

A good DOT track day tire would probably be better. Although I am nervous about Chinese tires, some people have had good experiences with the Shinko slicks.

Here's some good alternatives to the Shinko 008's that might be more readily available:

- Bridgestone Battlax BT-003RS

- Michelin Pilot Power One

- Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa

These tires will cost more, but might be easier to get before the weekend.

Shinko SuperMoto slicks work really well :smirk: I am running them and at $170.00 a set shipped you can't beat it and they grip and wear nice :smirk:

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