Ktm 350 sxf or ktm 400 exc???

Hey guys, which bike would be better for riding in the bush? A ktm 400 exc or a ktm 350 sxf? I wouldn't mind either but there aren't really many of either so it's a bit hard to decide. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

If you are going to be riding any track or doing any jumping in the future get the SXF. If you like aggressive MX bikes with short gear ratios, get the SXF.

If you are going to be the opposite of what I just said, get an EXC.

The 350 is a racer and the 400 is a trail bike. The 350 xcw might be the way to go if you want the weight and handing of the 350 but trail manners. The 400 is essentially a 450 with a mellower motor. Its less tiring to ride hard than a 450 but it's still not light.

I'd say get the 400EXC. Don't need or want the aggressive MX nature of the SX for bush riding, plus IIRC, the EXC is registrable for you guys where as the SX isn't. My understanding is that for bush riding, you're gonna need the plate in order to maximize your fun.

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