Cleaning a Carb

Hi Guys,

I am going to clean my Carb today hopefully, now that the Carb Cleaner has come through the post! It is the aerosol type.

How do I go about it then using this Carb Cleaner?

The Carb is off a YZ 85.

I assume that I will need to remove the idle screw as that is plastic?

Also, what do I do about the jets? I haven't unscrewed the jets before, so I don't really know what to do!:worthy:

Any help would be appreciated! :thumbsup::confused:

Thanks and ATB!


just take everything apart, idle screw, choker, Air screw (count the number of turns first)

jets, swimmer, and so on, when that is done you could use carb cleaner or just compressed air to blow into all the canals in the carb just do the same to the jets and other things.

then put it together again, and enjoy your work :thumbsup:

Brake Cleaner is less harmful to use on the carb if you have plastic or rubber parts/gaskets that will be sprayed.

Thanks for the help guys!

I used the Carb Cleaner and it all went well it seems, I haven't fitted the carb back on the bike as the bike isn't running yet - just waiting for some new parts.

Thanks again!

I use a old crock pot, simple green and dunk it. Doesnt hurt the rubber pieces, and safe to use.:thumbsup:

I just cleaned my wifes virago carb yesterday after sitting for 3 years. If you have ever been inside a carb of a bike that has been sitting it is NASTY GUMMY! While looking for the Yamaha metal tank cleaner I saw where they also offered a bottle of carb cleaner (Yamaha part number ACC-CARBC-LE-NR $10 ) that mixed with I ordered a bottle. I must say it worked really well. The green sludge came right off after sitting for a few hours. Pop the lid on my little bucket and I have it ready for the next time!



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