dr200se turn signal stays solid

My dr200se was tipped over and the rear right blinker (cover and lightbulb) broke. When I put the right blinker on, the front blinker worked fine, but there was smoke coming from the back one (from the broken bulb I presume). I thought it looked funny, so I tried it four more times. The fifth time, the front light suddenly stopped blinking and just stayed solid. Back was still smoking. I bought a new bulb identical to the one already there (amber dual filament 12v 23/8w) and mounted it. Now, both the front and back light stay solid whenever I put the right blinker on. Left blinker works fine. Any idea what could be wrong?? Is there a fuse I could a blown? Or another component that could have broken during the ~30 seconds I was watching the bulb smoke?

I don't have the wiring diagram for the DR200SE, so I don't know for sure. There is some good news: if the left side works, your turns signal switch and blinker relay are probably OK. I would check the wiring to determine where the smoke was coming from. Smoke from anything electrical is never a good thing. It's entirely possible there's a short elsewhere in the harness.

Does the turn indicator work properly? What happens if you remove the rear blinker bulb?

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