Replace this cracked peg asap?

Hey, I came off the back doing a wheelie and damaged the left peg. Do you think it definately needs replacing?

It was bent up quite a bit, so we heated it up and bent it back. Then we tried tempering it with dripping water. and so now it has that crack in it. It almost feels normal when riding :confused: - only bent up a teeny bit

I'm just planning on putting it off for a little while because it costs over $100 for ONE stock peg. I dont really see the point of getting aftermarket ones? But if it really is a hazard I'll just bite the bullet and get one asap.

I just ride trails and a ton of woops. :thumbsup:


weld it then go ride

I would replace both with Sunline's SL-1 Arch footpegs. For $139 a pair you can have sure footing in the whoops. I would repair and keep the old set as a spare.

weld it and ride,i just got 8 staples in my knee from a peg in good shape i cant imagine what a broken peg would do to you but im sure it would be ugly

I agree with everyone else on weld it and ride, even if you didn't weld the crack, the location of it is far from causing any serious damage. It will just be weaker the next time you crash..

Chances are that it became brittle after being quenched in water.

yeppers, get it welded, you could probably take it to a local shop, and it would probably either cost you nothing, as its literally a DAB for a weld, or make you pay like 10$, cheaper then a peg or set of pegs,

water tempering does make it harder but the harder the metal the more ductility you lose. i would take it off weld it than throw it in an oven or something similiar so it cools down slowly

Items are usually quenched in oil for hardening. Personally I would weld it and do not quench. Just let it air cool slowly. I dont know if its Ti or not. If its Ti the welder will have to know what hes doing as it needs to be completely blanketed in argon to prevent oxidation. If its any other material, it will be easily weldable. Just dont quench.

thanks guys. We've got a stick welder, but because the pegs dont rust its not just any old steel, so the stick welder couldnt weld it right?

does a magnet stick to it?

you can weld stainless with a stick welder with 6010 rod, not the best way but it will get the job done. There are stainless specific rods also.

Dude, don't even worry about a crack that small. I've been riding on a peg waaay worse than that for quite a while. I bought the bike with a mutilated peg, and planned on replacing it. Well, i still haven't, and it's still all warped an broken, but it hasn't budged a bit. It was bad enough that it bugged the hell out of me at first, but i got used to it.

what bike are those off of? i might have some used stock ones sitting around

a 2009 KTM 250SX :thumbsup:

yeah cant help you there, got a bunch but nothing for the ktms

thanks anyway :thumbsup: and i'll check if its magnetic tonight.

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