DRZ400sm FCR HELP!!!!!!!


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Hi guys, first time poster, long time reader.... In desperate need of help.

I just bought a second hand FCR carb for my DRZ400sm and managed to fit it along with new RS2 and 3x3 only to find that it wont idle unless the choke is on. Any suggestions what the problem may be?

I had them install the jetting as per the TT store ones, removed the pilot air jet....

I also have fuel leaking from (i think) around the fuel intake barb. Is there something in there that needs replacing or fixing?

Im quite peeved with the guy who sold it to me actually as he said it would come with everything i needed for install. Well the air box adapter was too small, didnt come with a front side adapter meaning i had to stetch the old one... Not happy.

If using a vacuum operated fuel petcock like the OEM one found on the SM, you will need to install a vacuum nipple in the manifold....It is P/N 13685-29F00 OEM Suzuki Vacuum Port Nipple..or you can run it on prime and have no reserve..


jay- what is the source of your FCR carb? Much of the "tuning" advise is unique to the specific carb. The "no air jet" is specific to the aftermarket FCR MX sold by the TT store.

Just a guess - you need a 100 pilot air jet and 45 pilot fuel jet.

FCR's come in lots of configurations so its source is important to knowing what you need for adapters.

Done the air nipple.

Im not sure what the carb came off.

Do you think the PAJ may be the problem?

pic plz

Pic of what? The carb? Any particular side?

It had red breather hoses on it if that helps identify it.

Carb pics .

you need to post a picture of your actual carb. all fcr "look the same" to most people.

Ok. But it won't be for a while. I'm at work and I was hoping to have a plan of attack for when I get home. Hopefully someone will still be around to help me in about 6 hours

same reply.

In that case you need to specify exactly what side/ angle pic you require or what I send will look exactly the same bar the differences I already mentioned.

Sorry to be a pest but I have limited time to get this sorted out before I need to ride the bike to work. Im at work now and need this thing running by bed tonight so I'll have 6 or so hours in 2 hours time.

OK. If that is true representation, you have an FRC MX with air cut off valve (other wise known as coast enrichener CE) That is rather unusual and the advise for jetting needs to be specific to that carb. At least put the pilot air jet back in that was taken out. Right now you have way too much air to the pilot circuit - no jet plus the CE.

Still need an actual picture of your carb and if possible what it came off of originally. Probably a street legal something.

List what jetting , needle and clip pos they installed ..and your approx.altitude?

The problems you have are typical of buying used carbs from an unknown seller...

For anyone contemplating upgrading their intake,the full conversion kit from the TT store or Eddie is a smarter option...

Can somebody tell me how to post pics on this forum?

I knew this would happen.

Got the pic you all asked for now i cant post it.

I'll second that

Jetting is as per TT store with paj removed

Altitude is sea level

hhhaaa...you get a host for your oics like photobucket and then copy the image link to your post,,

You joking. More time spent not getting this solved.

I pit the paj back in and it made an improvement but it still won't idle properly

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