2007 showa shock problem

Can anyone tell me how much resistance I should feel when sliding the piston into the shock body? All parts are in good visible shape, but it takes all my might and then some to move the piston and rod into and out of the body. Doesn't seem correct. Any ideas?

did you set the rebound clicker to fully open before you took it apart ? as it sounds like you didn't , you need to put a thin rod down the centre of the rod and push the needle down

I had the same problem. The above post is correct about the rebound adjuster being closed. I think I closed mine just by pushing the rod in all the way without thinking. Once it's seated in there it doesn't open up easily.

I didn't know anything about putting a rod though the rod. I really can't remember how I fixed it, but I may have put the clevis back on it then hit it a few times with a hammer to build up enough pressure to unseat the needle.

Got it back together and it works great. Not really sure what my issue was. I have read on other posts that the pistons on these are tight. Guessed that it would feel more like a fork. Great info. Thanks for the help.

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