Pain by Lower Right Rib

These are the only two things I know of that could have caused this... Sunday I was changing a tire which was really difficult, and I almost had a nasty swap at the track. Monday I woke up and my right side right underneath my lower right ribs was killing me. If I had to use the muscles on that sides to stabilize myself or to lift myself up (like out of bed) it feels like someone is sticking a knife in my side. Also if I push in on that side it feels the same way. It has been 5 days and is not one bit better. I did not notice anything at all Sunday, but Monday I woke up and it was killing. Last time I pulled a muscle in my stomach it made me feel more "sick" rather than pain. This feels like a knife in my side. I have a big race this weekend and would prefer not to deal with this. It only hurts though if I apply a torque to my upper body, or have to use the right side to lift myself up, or if I apply pressure to it.

Also on a side note I've been eating a lot of pineapple, and I was reading how it prevents blood clotting. I'm not sure if anything crazy is going on inside of me or not. Any help is appreciated.


Go to the doctor

Sorry for making the thread. My mom talked me into going to the doctor soon after making this. They said it was inflammed cartilage.

Inflamed cartilage hurts like a SOB. Don't worry about the post. In the future if something is really bothering medically go to the Doctor to give yourself peace of mind, otherwise I can only offer you DUCT TAPE. lol

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