Cleaning air filter with Maxima FFT - Pain!!

What are you guys using to clean the Blue Maxima FFT pour oil on your filters?

I am giving up on the stuff and going back to No-Toil since the stuff is such a pain to get off. When I used No-Toil in the past I would clean it off easily and the filter would be yellow foam again. Not so with the FFT stuff.

I soaked the filter in Kerosene, used laundry detergent, dish soap and hot water, simple green and a industrial de-greaser and nothing phases the FFT and I always feel like my filter is dirty when I re-apply the fresh oil to it. It's always sticky after many cleaning attempts and the filter is blueish/ black.

I generally use a blow torch and a 45 ACP....... :confused::worthy:

Actually, mineral spirits works really well; same stuff I have in my homemade parts washer. I shake it out & let it dry for a half hour or more, and then wash it with a mix of dishwasher soap & Oxy-5, then let that dry over night (I have 3 filters, so there' s no "down time"....).

Please bear in mind tha tthe same "sticky & tacky" qualities of Maxima FFt & Bel Ray are what make them a better filtering oil than No-Toil. No-Toil may have easier clean up, but I personally don't find the oil stays tacky very long at all, and therefor probably won't filter as well...... :thumbsup:


use maxima foam filter cleaner. comes in a red can

Sounds like you aren't leaving it in the solvent long enough. Allow the filter to soak in kerosene for at least five minutes before giving it a couple of Dawn dishsoap water baths.

If you want them pretty use Dawn dish detergent.Its also good for cleaning crude oil off of ducks to make them pretty(see TV add).I use regular parts cleaner solvent and maybe wash them in Dawn every few times.I really think nothing beats FFT for trapping dirt.

Use mineral spirits or paint thinner, dissolves the oil quickly.

okay - I thought I tried Kerosene but it was denatured alchol which did not work.

I just tried gas (I know!) and it worked like a champ. May have to get some Kero and use it in the future.

Gas will eat the glue that holds your filter together and it expands the pores in the foam which will allow small particles through.

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