3 stage ac sepetation , what hump?

just learnd how to be a lawn dart . torn all ligaments in rt. soulder , the collar bone is not conected to the skapular any more it is about 3/4 inches higher . dr doesn't want to operate to fix it , claims it's not nessicary . claims it will heal faster , my question is faster better , than operating & healing it later . i,m close to 50 but want many more years on the bike , dont want a weak shoulder for mx . help!

Type 3 seperation on my shoulder a little over two years ago for me. I am 47 now. I too had the same concerns as you. The first year there was all kinds clunkin' going on, it would hurt to brush my teeth and a few other inconviences. Today - I still have my little bump but other than that I don't even notice it. I ride, race, workout, whatever with no ill affects. Maybe I am just a lucky one. My Dr. told me that I could basically take a year off for surgery and recovery or just wait and see how it heals on it's own. At this point I am glad that I didn't opt for surgery.

it,s good to hear u were able to get back on the saddle , do you feel any weaker or loss of strengh riding . did you have to wait a year .

Might left shoulder had a complete seperation from the old lawn dart position off the bike into the face of a jump. My surgeon told me to give it a few months and see how it feels. This was about 7yrs ago. It doesn't bother me at all.

it's good to hear it is not gonna end my riding itch , just postpone it some what. how long did it take to heal completely , did you lose a season ?

I started rehabin' right away (1 week rest). I didn't ride for about 3 months just as a precaution and then it was pretty light for a few more months.

As far as strength loss I would say no. For the most part I do not even notice it anymore.

thanks for all the info , glad it wont end a long riding hobby that started back in the late 60's. now if i could only staight'n out the mess about work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 55 and separated my right collar bone at both the sternum and the scapula 3 years ago. I re-separated the same shoulder skiing this winter. I have a slight limitation of motion with my arm over my head and I have pain sometimes in my bicep but no loss of strength. The double separation has caused a rather prominent bump on top of my shoulder and in the middle of my chest. The bump on my shoulder got bigger when I separated it again. It is lower than my other shoulder and pushed in about an inch and the appearance bothers me more than the function. I can't tell any difference when riding and I feel just as strong but I worry a little and that slows me down. If I carry something heavy I can feel that my shoulder is much lower but it does not pop out or hurt. Lately I have been bumping my right elbow when I go through doorways and that actually hurts a lot. I realized that the recent skiing separation has moved my shoulder enough that my elbow juts out just enough to bump stuff. I have been thinking about going to see a shoulder doc. I know that the sternum separation cannot be fixed but they might be able to help the scapula separation. Most separations are left alone but most people don't have both. It would be nice to get my shoulder a little back to where it belongs. I am very aware of the visual deformity but I have found that other people don't notice it.

I had an over the bars lawn dart on March 4th. Type 3 AC separation on right shoulder, large bump on top. Went to my Dr. and was told it could go either way. I could rehab it and see how it feels or go for sugery (Dr. said at least 6 weeks in a sling, 6-8 months full recovery and stop riding Blah, Blah, Blah going to cause more injuries). As summer was right around the corner I did as much rehab and research as I could. I waited about 3 weeks. It was popping, grinding, had about 70% ROM (no righty wipey) and a large bump/lowered shoulder effect. I decided I was not going waste anymore time, it was just not going to work for me. I did lots of reading on here "TT" and contacted Sanders Clinic "Dr Mark's" office. He called me 2 hours later....I repeat Dr. Mark called me on a Saturday morning... I had already read many success stories and knew if I could choose a surgeon, our conversation just reinforced my decision... April 13th I had surgery. It is now almost three weeks out and the shoulder feels great! I was out of the sling in 5 days, as of yesterday I have about 85% ROM (that means I can righty wipey) and slowly building strength back in the shoulder and arm. Dr. Mark said the repair should be able to withstand a get off at around 12 weeks.

I think my greatest fear was to rehab it and wait 6-12 months, then to decide I had some limitation I could not live with. I am 36 and want to be back riding, lifting and being an active dad as soon as my shoulder allows.. My suggestion is fix it and forget about it, that way you should only heal once.

BTW- Sanders Clinic staff are great to deal with and Dr. Mark is exactly what you would expect......The Best!

does the dr do house calls . [ nj ] or have any one he suggests in the tri-state area . i'm jones'n to go back to work , [ blue collar ]

I think you will need to go to Gainesville, Texas. In my opinion if you want it done right, It’s the only way. As you stated you are a blue collar worker… all the more reason to get it fixed. If you use your body as part of your career, why would you not fix it? I am sure you can ask Doctors around your area to see what type of surgery they do to correct or reduce the clavicle. Most if not all will tell you 6 weeks in a sling and all of us on this board know what that means, atrophied muscle = longer recovery….

I will let the Dr. answer the referral question.

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