Slide-in Camper - 3/4 ton Ok?

I have a mid 80's 9.5 foot slide in camper. It's weight with water and propane is 939 kgs (1502lbs). I am looking for a 90's long box extended cab truck. Will a 3/4 ton legally handle this size of camper. Is there a website out there that lists the carrying capacity of various pickups?

I have the same rig. It will work fine make sure you get the heavy 3/4 ton avoid light duty 6 lug axles advertised as 3/4 ton

Most 3/4 ton in the 90's have GVW of 8600 lbs (heavy duty) avoid the GVW of 7200 lbs

You will be very close to your max weigh depending on how you load it. with all my water ,gear and Beer i am at 10,000 lbs and the rig handles well.

My advice is that 10 ply E rated tires are mandatory.

I'd also suggest some airbags in the rear to help support the load.

I'd also suggest some airbags in the rear to help support the load.

They are about mandatory on a Chevy. We put timbrens on my fil's 2500hd crew and I do not have them on mine (same truck)....mine is soft....too soft.

I just picked up a 9.5' camper in my '93 GMC 2500 (ext/ long) with the 7200 gvw.

It sits pretty much level with water in the camper. eventually I'll put air bags back there, but since I've already don a trip like this, it'll do for now.

My 2cents, in florida, we register trucks by GVW. I regestered mine in the second rating (I forget the atual weights). My 4wd v10 extened cab supper duty is weighs very close to the the line with the camper on it. Nobody could tell me if the camper would be considered fixed weight or not so I paid the extra fee. D.O.T. has portable scales in their cars so I dont worry adout it.

AIR BAGS A MUST!!!! You wont beleave the difference in a cross wind!! Firestone bags inflate seperatly and help wind rock. I can also level my rig side to side (beer and water storage is on passenger side). I can let some air out when supplies run out.

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