Tailgate strap/bar?

Do they exist in adjustable or shorter lengths? I thought I had seen a strap or bar that connects from the bed to the tailgate and allows the tailgate to remain partially open. I am going to be hauling 3 bikes in my truck and towing a trailer. With the 3 bikes in the bed, I will not be able to angle the bikes to make the tailgate close, and I'd prefer not to have the tailgate open while towing. The bed is long enough that the wheels will not be resting on the tailgate, but not long enough that I can completely close the tailgate.

Appreciate any info!

Similar situation for me. My truck is lifted so a regular ramp is not practical. Too short. So I got one of these. http://www.discountramps.com/ready-ramp-bed-extender.htm. Maybe a little pricey but for me well worth it. The ramp is long (100"), the bed of my truck is enclosed, I don't have to carry a ramp in the bed.

Another option would be to have some short wire ropes made up. Of course there would have to a shop near by that could do that for you. Maybe some 6 - 8" pig tails with loops on the end. Should be very cheap. 20 -30$$.

I have a Ready Ramp and love it. That is what I normally use. However, I am trying to lift my tailgate up while I am towing to prevent the tailgate from hitting the trailer while making those tight turns. I could have sworn I saw a kit that would allow you to keep your tailgate open at a 45-degree angle. I just can't remember where I saw it or what it was called.

If the bikes aren't sitting on the tailgate why couldn't you just take it off? Just make sure everything is strapped in and you would be fine.

A good idea, but I am going to haul other gear in the box (moving cross-country) as well and want the security of the tailgate to keep anything from sliding out.

run a long tie down from the back of your pickup bed to the handle of your tailgate and latch it on to there. tighten the sucker up as much as you want your tailgate open and your good to go

Keep in mind that halfway closed is also the "remove the tailgate" position.

Myself, I'd blanket wrap the tailgate and stuff it in the trailer, and slap on a cheapie airnet to keep things from flying out.

+1 :thumbsup:

Thanks for your ideas!

this is what you are looking for:


Tailgate Latch Bars™ hold truck tailgates at a 30° angle, creating clearance for motorcycles to be put in parallel to the bed, rather than sideways.


Thanks, danbart - that's what I was looking for!

I have been using those for a few years now. They are a first-rate product.

For some trucks they have more than one length. On my '09 Tundra DC the short ones work the best when hauling full sized bikes. I have the longer ones as well, but they might be better suited for a shorter bed, like the Tundra crewmax or Ford Supercrew.

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