Idle adjustment on old Keihin

Ok guys heres the deal. I bought a 1996 YZ250 this winter. I race motocross in the Vet classes. I had the suspension and a long rod kit done by MCR. The bike is absolutely a blast to ride. The jetting is dialed and the bike rips. However, one small problem. the Keihin carb does not have an idle screw or any other adjustment. The only thing it has on it is a fuel screw. I can not get the bike to idle. Any of you old 96 YZ guys remember what the trick was? Please help.

I could be very wrong... but i think on those carbs you turn the choke knob to adjust idle.

Yup, should turn the choke knob to adjust idle speed

I have the same year yz250 and yes the choke nob is the idle adjustment. I could be wrong but my bike and most of my friends yz's don't idle for more than 5-10 seconds with out giving it gas.

You guys are great. Thanks a bunch.

It is, by far, the coolest and easiest adjustment ever to use. Even while wearing gloves. But they sure did hide it!

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