which flywheel puller for 01-02 wr?

Hi all,

So, i sent my head to Jesse at jessemotorwerx to have him modify it to accept the 08 and newer piston!:thumbsup: Im also going to replace the timing chain. Which puller do i need?.. The older style like this: Motion pro #08-0160 (3 holes in round plate with a center bolt) or the newer style puller that more ressembles a socket?. I did not pull the side cover off yet and bike is an hour away..Also, the front black timing chain slider, that kinda popped out on me on dissasembly. How do i re-install that?. I assume it just pops in in 2 locations? The bike is an 01 wr, and Jesse has been very responsive and helpful to me. Thanks in advance

Hi,, Anyone?..43 views and ......

Hi Chris, Thank you for responding..So you use that exact kit in the link on a 01 or 02 wr?..It looks very universal, but i just want to see if it works on my bike... Thanks again,,

I have the Motion Pro one for my 03 WR250f, it works well. I'm not sure if it will fit you 01-02, i tried to look on the Motion Pro site but it seems to be down or something because i'm having loading problems,


EDIT: I got the site to load and it looks like its a different puller, more universal looking but not quite like the one posted above.

MP part number 08-0160


yes thats the exact set up that i use on my 2001 wr250f.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing,, Thats the motion pro # i found as well..I really wanted to hear what others have used and to confirm. Im thinking on trying the cheapo from Harbor Freight. It looks very universal, and just found out i have a store about 25 m ins from me)

Most auto parts stores like autozone and Oreilys lend out pullers like that. I would try that route first. Spend a couple bucks to rent it and if it doesn't work, oh well, you're out a couple bucks. If you plan on pulling your fly wheel a couple times then it might be worth buying.

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