1976 kx400

I have a simple problem (so I thought) the kickstarter mechanism on this bike is shot. We have re-welded the boss several times and it is now to the point where it just flat out needs replaced it is so mangled..

After searching online and comparing prices I decided to buy the entire mechanism, (shaft, boss, everything included) for a little over $100, only to find out in an email a few days later from rockymountainatvmc that it was a discontinued part. The same has happened when trying to order a specific kickstarter part for this bike.

Another solution that failed is just trying to find a kickstarter off a different bike to fit onto my kx400, (everything internal is just fine, including the shaft that comes out of the case) but after several bike shops I have had no luck finding anything that fits correctly, as the splines on this bike are bigger than everything I have come across.

so.. any ideas?

See if THIS SITE is of any help to you.

Two things to add:

1. the '75 and '76 KX400 use all the same kickstarter parts,

2. you might have better luck getting the parts from an authorized Dealer, like Babbitt's, above. The microfiche diagram usually omits listing a part that has been discontinued.

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