what do ya think it's worth?

I'm been thinking of selling my Z.

I only get to ride it 1 or 2 times a month. just busy and no time to ride.

It's a 03 "S". 3000k, full yosh rs3,lots of "E" parts. tank, plastics, cams, carb, air box, sub frame, wheels.

scott damper, fat bars.

comes with spare "E" motor,wiring harness, "S" front end, sub frame, carb, air box, swing arm. lots of other stuff. almost a whole bike

you can see it at my garage. started out blue, now yellow "E"


I'm going to take a guess of around $4000.

I think a stock DRZ would be somewhere between $2000 and $3500.

I think you may be better off selling the parts and bike separately.



$2665 retail

$1800 trade in

on another note Steve i will sell you my 03 right now LOL

Sure trade in is low. Blue Book? I have never used that figure. It's worth what someone is willing to pay.

He has a ton of parts. Maybe I should have been more clear. If he sells the bike and parts separately, he could get close to that depending on the condition of everything.

I use KBB as a guide if its something i want to buy and it is priced higher than KBB I tell the seller that, conversely if its something I want to sell I start at the KBB price + or -

True its worth what he can get, but the DRZ is a tricky market, essentially the same bike from 00-11 that devalues newer machines and allows older machines to still retain some value. I realize he has many parts but typically if I buy something Ill try to negeotiate any parts in w the sale if its too pricey or I dont want the parts I tell the seller to keep them

I do agree if he sold the bike and parts seperately he may be able to realize close to 4k ish

on another note Steve i will sell you my 03 right now LOL

Lol the man is ready to deal....

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