YZ 250 a few months from now..

Ive been doing research on a snowbike kit but I have been having a hard time finding any information on what kind of success people have had with throwing a timbersled or 2moto track onto a 250 2 stroke. The only thing I hear about is 450's but to be honest it will be a very long time before i would consider owning a four stroke.

If you wanna run a track kit on a two stroke, you better just buy a 500.. A 250 wont turn the track long before you blow it up!!

Tate's two cents


take a peek at backcountryrebels there are a few guys running pingers. I know a guy who is looking for a cr 500 to replace his ktm 530 for the mountain horse.

you can always call and talk to alan over there......he can tell you what works.

Iv'e talked to few people that have rode them with different 450s'. They all say that they're always wide open.

I wouldn't think a 250 could pull it.

Go cr500. There have been times on my 450 in the dunes when I wanted more bike, and that was just with a paddle tire. A 500 with a built motor would get you an angry 60hp pretty easily. Braaaaap!

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