do you ever feel like not riding?

I went out yesterday and i just didnt feel good out there and after about 45 minutes of riding i left because i didnt feel like riding. does anyone else ever feel like not riding some days? or am i a total outcast on this one? im kind of worried and i dont want to make a habit of feeling like this

Once in a while I'll have a day where something just doesn't feel right riding. I normally just pack it up and go home and chalk it up to an off day. Don't worry, it happens.

If i don't feel like riding i won't even load up and go.

Did you eat Taco Bell on the way to your riding spot?

I agree that you did the right thing. Everybody has an off day. Its better to recognize this and go home, than to keep at it and possibly get hurt...

lol no i did not eat taco bell. and i didnt know it was an off day until i started riding. i was super excited, that's why it totally bummed me out.

I had about a month when I didn't feel like riding at all last year. Almost sold the bike and all my gear. About a month later there was a day that I had absolutely nothing to do and out of nowhere decided to head out to the track and do some riding, and I was over it. Other than that, I can't think of any time that I've said "I don't really feel like riding today".

k cool. i feel alot better now. i will probably take a little break from moto. i usually ride 2-3 times a week and maybe if i take a couple week break i will appreciate it more

i want to load the bike up and ride today, but we have wind gusts up to 30 right now and a couple weekends ago on a windy day i had the bike blown right out from under me. so im not goin riding lol.

Yeah, I'm getting that feeling right now. Was just out all afternoon yesterday with friends, so I'm feeling slightly worn out.

yeah, I get like that sometimes...

the only time i feel like that is if i drank too much the night before. in which case i make myself go ride and just take it a little easier. i always feel better in the end. i only trail ride though no mx.

funny story, 2 years ago i went riding solo really hung over. i did around 20 miles of s.t. and ended up at a pass on a beautiful cool day still feeling pretty rough so i layed down in the sun and took a nap. i woke up after about 45 minutes really abruptly, stood up and looked around. there were cougar prints about 10 feet away from me that i'm pretty sure weren't there when i layed down. close call indeed. no more naps alone!

the cougar wont hurt you if your calm. watch ricky bobby

the cougar wont hurt you if your calm. watch ricky bobby

if i remember correctly he got his favorite crystal gayle shirt shredded. i can't take that kinda chance.:thumbsup:

One day i was out on the trails and i didnt feel right while riding. Felt exhausted and just wasnt in the mood to ride. So I decided well at least to get a little more exercise i would go a little farther and faster. Ended up hitting something going over the handlebars and broke my arm. Bad thing was I wasnt riding with anyone so I had to walk to the nearest house and ask for help. So if you dont feel like riding dont go theres always tomorrow.

I have been racing with AVDRA for about a year and a half now and for a portion of that time, I was working the graveyard shift after racing all day. There were times when I didn't want to ride because I was so tired. I had a few crashes and I think fatigue was definitely part of it.

Now, when I'm pretty tired, I don't feel like riding, but that's about the only time.

absolutely. i call it my spidey sense and i pay close attention.

I live to ride, I get sick of driving my cage.

I always feel like riding....even when I don't feel like riding. To explain. I may not feel like riding in at the beginning of the day, but then again I don't feel like doing anything that day. Then I head out for the trails and start off at sort of a mellow pace on the easy stuff. Usually I get perked up and into a more lively mode and rythm, then tackle more technical stuff. If I stay kind of blah, I just finish a somewhat shorter day on the easy stuff. If I still don't feel good at the end of a ride, I am probably coming down with a cold.

I am usually to tired by the weekends to ride...I do it anyway.

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