1985 XR200R Carb Question

I'm hoping someone out there may have an idea as to the problem. I've got a 1985 XR200R (Dual Carb) that I have had since it was new. Okay, it sit up for nearly ten years (bad mistake, I know), so I took the carburetor apart last year and cleaned it real good. A couple of weeks ago I took the carb apart again and replaced the diaphragm (It had holes in it).

The problem is this. The bike is one more pain to get cranked. Once it gets running, it runs great. No idling problems, etc. I just don't know why it's so hard to crank up. Now if it's been running and I turn it off for a little while (say 30 minutes or an hour), it will fire right up. Normally on the first kick. But if it sits for a day or two or longer, it almost won't start. I'm talking like 100 plus kicks or more to crank up.

I thought the diaphragm would solve this problem, but it hasn't. Is there a specific port or jet in the carb that might be clogged up? It's like it is not priming itself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It is possible that you are dealing with low compression at this point. How many miles are on the bike ?

I guess it's possible. I have no idea how may miles are on the bike. Odometer broke 20 years ago. But when I kick start it, the compression seems about the same as it did years ago.

There are small discharge ports in the floor of the venturi that are easily fouled if the bike sits a lot. Evaporating gas also leaves crud in the bottom of the float bowl.

The twin carbs are a PITA to remove and clean compared to a single carb; On my 250 I removed the carbs and manifold out the left side and then removed the carbs from the manifold. Manifold bolts are the pain but doable.

Draining fuel from the float bowls after each ride really helps in keeping the carbs clean.

Here is a link to carb cleaning.Carb Cleaning

One thing could be your valves. Have you ever checked them?

A hard starting bike especially when its cold is an indication the valves out of spec.

Thanks chuck4788 for the link to carb cleaning. I've taken the carburetor off again and in the process of cleaning it. Maybe this time I'll get all the crud out.

I do have a question regarding the diaphragm. Not sure if I have it seated properly. Does it need to be seated down in the groove before the cover is placed. It seems to want to overlap just a touch on the edges before I place the diaphragm cover back on.

CRFrider-northIdaho, I've never checked the valves, but if this carb cleaning doesn't do the trick, I'll check the valves.

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