cvk40 jetting

Bought a Cvk 40 for my 07 drz s.... 3x3 mod fmf powerbomb header yosh rs3 slip on e cams....what input do you guys have for jetting?

I did a quick search on "cvk40" and it looks like there are a lot of threads about it. In fact I see you started one a month or so ago. In the last post it looks like Craigo hooked you up with a pretty good thread. Did you not get the answers you were looking for?

there are a few threads about it but i'll play... mine came with a 148 mj and 42 pj, have the screw maybe 2.75 turns out. i have a yosh ti and 3x3. bike seems to run awesome, i love it.

FYI, after you've removed the oil breather bend it's bracket away from the engine just a little bit. You'll find it's not such a fight getting the breather back in.

is this an e-bay carb? I've been looking for one...

CVK40 prices have gone up on fleabay, Craig's list or your local bike salvage may hide some gems. If the cost of jetting and carb is more than $250, get an FCR. CVK40 is a budget HP mod and should not cost half or more for the FCR.

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okay. That's confidence inspiring. I just scored a good ebay carb for $100 so I'm on the right track. Couldn't stand seeing those ads for $225 for a CV carb... fortunately someone took my offer. I just need to get the $20 choke knob and N1TB needle, ~$17. Already have an assortment of jets.

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The CVK40 should have been the OEM carb.

Do you think the EPA would really approve of you just having all the horsepower you want out of the box at a reasonable price? Shame on you.

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