Moab, Fruita, Sedona

Hey gang, I took my DR350 dual sport and mtn bike down to Moab, Fruita and Sedona. Did some fun exploration rides and posted pics, maps and vids on my blog:

Moab - Gemini Bridges:

Moab - Shafer/Long Canyon

Fruita - Rabbit Valley/Kokopelli Trail

Cottonwood - Mt Mingus

Sedona - Casner Ridge Trail


Very nice job on the vids and pics!

Those are all the trails I want to do, especially the rabbit valley near Fruita. I've rode Hurrah pass and Chicken Corners in Moab.

I have in-laws in Grand Junction and would like to ride off-road to Moab. Then maybe a trek from Ouray to Telluride.

Nice!!! I love the Gemini bridges ride,A few years back,,when i still had a good knee..We did a shuttle up with the Mt.bikes then it was YAHOO time all the way back to the highway.

That was my first memory of Moab of that 5 day trip.

I wanna go back this year with the motorized bikes!!!

An interesting multiday trip is from Fruita to Moab via that kokapelli trail. I think its about 100miles. There might be easy highway access at certain points to have a sagwagon come in with all the camping gear.

When I was up at Gemini Bridges, there were a lot of mtn bike/dirt bike trails up there - I think one was called metal masher. Not sure how hard it was. One ride I would have like to do was the Gemini Bridges - Long Canyon loop. I like loops.

What was Chicken Corners like? I just didn't have the time... *sigh*

It was one of my favorite rides!






I wanna go back!!!!

I can look at pictures of that area for hours..

One trip and it gets in your blood! ..and socks ...and hair...

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