Crazy CRF 250X - Looking for jetting suggestions

The bike:

2006 CRF 250X

2007 CRF 250R head (with RHC intakes)

2008 CRF 250R cam (with RHC decomp mod)

2008 CRF 250R exhaust

2008 CRF 250R airbox (No Toil or Twin air filters used without backfire screen)

RD Power Pump (adj. leak jet w/ strong AP spring)

***Remember, this bike has the smaller carb***

What jetting would you suggest?

Stock '08 250r jetting as a baseline, work from there.

+2 'TheMeisters' comment. Start with 06 jetting.

I forgot to mention I'm at 500 - 1000 feet above sea level, and ride in 50 - 100 degree weather.

don't you think the settings will be way off considering the size difference of the carb?

Doubtful. Test ride first. Might be slightly rich but I do not think so.

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