Ktm 200 xcw

So im 19 yo 5 10 190 lbs athletic, mostly muscle and have about 2 years experience riding a 91 rm 250 on track and trails. This was my first bike. I have not ridden in about 8 months though because I busted up my leg pretty bad.

I didn't like all the snap of the 250 it was just too much power. I wanna stick to the 2t but want something with the most roll on type power.

Compared to an old 250 how much less intense? Good for someone at my experience level? Im really not a bad rider for how long I have been at it just took a bad fall. Will probably stick to the woods awhile before I ride track but I don't know how long that will last.

I want to hear from people who ride them. 06-08 I think is the years for the XCW. Trying to spend no more than 2500. Reasonable? There is nothing on craigslist in my area currently.

Pretty set on buying this bike. Im pretty sure its exactly what I need


It probably is exactly what you need. I had an 03 RM250 and sold it to take a break from riding dirt. That lasted 6 months, I ride 50/50 MX/trails and I researched, looked at bikes and decided the KTM200 was what I wanted, light and just enough power to be able to wring it out and have a blast, the 250 was overkill.

Bought an 06 200XC for $2000, and have been loving it for 2 months now. Don't settle, save money and hunt craigslist for a 200.

Damn exactly what I wanted to here... Hows the reliability? My buddies 250 sx was always breaking down

I paid $2700 for my 06 in febuary and love it. I had to clean up the jetting and work some gremlins out of the clutch,but it is flawless now. Will pull at just over idle in the tight snotty stuff and surprise you when it comes up on the pipe. I plan on keeping this bike until there is some major change (DI?) to them that would justify the purchase of a brand new one. I've put in a Barnett basket,KTM flex levers,a PMB kickstand,and a TT Vapor. Only other thing I plan on doing is shock spring,and fork springs if necessary. Buy one and with a bit of tinkering you will have a bike that anybody would like.

Best woods bike out there.imo

Good bike. If you get an '07, or early '08, then plan on replacing the clutch basket, as the stock one was poor.

The power can be easily adjusted thru jetting and powervalve adjustments to be smooth and easy to ride.

I noticed you were also considering a 250f in the "what bike to buy" area. Don't do that. Find a clean 200. They are out there.

And don't overlook a clean KDX. They are good bikes too. Not as modern as the KTM, but a really good trail bike, nonetheless. They seem to go for pretty little money, so I guess mine will never be for sale.

Nor will the 200xc around here.....

Stay away from the 08s the forks are sorry.

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