SM vs S suspension question...geometry/height question...thanks

Seached and I couldn't find:

Is there a difference in overall length from the SM vs the S model forks or are they the same length just different tire diameters/triple clamp geometry that make the seat height different?

reasoning: I have my sm suspension done (stock ht)....and I have a full offroad suspension (fork, shock, triples) set up and lowered for trail riding...I am short, and on the sm I can make due with stock height....dirt tires its a no if I shorten the S suspension 2" will it be the same seat height as a sm?

and yes I have both here but my head is playing tricks on me...the S appears to be alot longer and I'm afraid that lowering it 2" isn't going to be enough. Paying lots o money to get the suspension modded and not getting the result I'm lookin for would be no good.

Yes, 28"...I know I shouldnt lower blah blah gel seat blah blah...I'm not going to moto it....I just need an answer from someone who knows this suspension.

This guy seems to know a bit about the DRZ suspension and does great work at a very reasonable price. Call or send an email to him call 303-485-1858 and ask for Eddie.

Thanks....actually he just did my SM suspension! and yes great work, great price....I figured someone else could field this question....u know how sick of stupid questions Eddie must be....not that he would say that on a regular basis :thumbsup:

The four measurements I am looking for are: (and not from a spec website)

1.) S/E model low pt in seat to ground when vertical (stock seat).

2.) Length of S/E model forks (center of top cap to center of axle hole)

3.) Supermoto Height from low point in seat to ground when veritcal(stock seat)

4.) Length of USD SM forks (center of top cap to center of axle hole)

anybody that has a second I would appreciate it greatly....tape measure in inches is fine....something about my suspensions setup isn't adding up....thanks for your help everyone!

(and asking you guys is way easier than switching out the entire front for assembely, changing the rear shock and putting the other wheel in) ...thanks again


Hey I'm in the same boat - 5' 6" and 28" inseam. What did you end up doing and how were the results? Thanks, Doug

Sitting on both the other day seemed long on the s but it has alot taller wheel too

Yeah, I think the tire diameter has a lot to do with the seat height. The S tires are taller than the SM tires.

the SM suspension is 1-1/2" shorter than the S and E.

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