What do you guys think?

hey guys so ive been looking for a bike for a while now and just recently got the funds. i came across a 2001 yz250 on craigslist and was wondering what you guys thought of the model and year. have you guys had any problems or heard of any problems with the 01? heres a link if you guys wanna look. http://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/2333633352.html

its a great bike. offer the guy 900 because he needs to sell it asap and dont buy it for any more then 1100. that will be a great bike. go get it quick!

Go take a look at it and check it out. But if everything seems to get into top shape then snag it. Thats a good price. Like alexyz250f said i wouldnt go any more than $1100

Id go take a look at it first... if its not beat to death 1100 is a reasonable price in my area for a good condition bike.

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