My first Thumper and first post (pics inside) - fully refurbished - 1990 Suzuki DR 650 DAKAR... the first model to be upgraded to 650ccm (from 600):thumbsup:

Bought as a "project", by the previous owner, who gave it some very needed TLC. He restored the engine, carburator, bearings, front fork, etc., etc.

I bought it later on, and finished it with a new shock (Hagon), an Acerbis tank, a new exhaust, seat cover, and a Pelican case. I also made some minor cosmetic tweaks, to make it an all black/white theme:thumbsup:

It is my first bike of this type (have had many street bikes, both new and old). It runs perfect, and I like that I sit high, and have good travel on the suspension. I also like the simplicity of the machinery... even that it only has kick start (less to go wrong).:confused:

Before pics:



After pics:



I live in one of the most flat countries in the world (Denmark), with our highest peak being only approx. 170 meters. Fortunately I don't live far from the Swedish border, with their lovely (endless) forests with good terrain and gravel roads:applause:

Happy to be part of the "Thumper Community". Safe riding to all:ride:


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Beautiful motorcycle, thanks for sharing. :thumbsup: I wish my DR had a kickstarter, it seems less of a motorcycle when you don't have one.

Very nostalgic :thumbsup:

Man that seat is killer old school, you could fit 3 people on there!

Very nice, you gave it a clean uncluttered look with the all black and white color scheme. So much calmer than the 'before pics'.:thumbsup:

Enjoy your bike!


Thanks you guys:thumbsup:

The rebuild was pretty straight forward, except the tank, which took some creativity to get fitted, as it isn't made for my model (it's for '92-'95).

A good tip when making new seat cover, is to use some spray-can glue, and a hairdryer, to stretch the cover and make it "tight". When putting on the clamps on the inside (to hold the cover), I used a (cheap) electric clamp gun... can see it done any other way.

Shock removal is easily done from the underneath, by taking apart the "wish bone"/"cushion lever". Only 2 (3?) bolts underneath, and a single bolt on the top part of the shock.

Exhaust is also a very easy 10 minut job (depending on how "tight" the old one is to get off). Straight fit with only 2 bolts to hold the exhaust, and a clamp.

All in all, a very easy bike to modify/repair... everything seems to be within "easy access".

Now for some riding:ride:

Great looking bike.:thumbsup:Let us know how she runs out.

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