Hickory Hill


Who's going? I am afraid its going to be a slop fest.............

My buddies were talking about it, I don't see anything about a practice this weekend.

Maybe they cancelled it. I looked on the website too and there isn't anything about a practice.

I think they found out you two were related and cancelled...LOL


They are showing practice for Sunday May 1st and Sunday May 8th.

A little off topic but all you Albany area guys should think about a road trip over to to Crow Hill one day. Bout' 2 hours or even Winchester (a bit closer)...I know you'd really enjoy these places too!

We're not related, he's by brother............................

They must have been updating the site when I looked, I see it now. Scott you should load up that new KTM and go on Sunday.

Cmon Dave we'll make the circle around the pond!

Our buddy from Ct. keeps asking us to go to Crow Hill and Winchester. I promised I would go check them out. Looks like a road trip is to be had!

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