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Steering stem 04 yz450

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Hey, Brent.

Yes it is possible, and it's my preferred method of removing the lower bearing, in fact.

The stem is pressed in from the bottom, and can be pressed out from the top. Support the stem in a hydraulic press with a piece of thick tubing or a pair of press plates with a V or half circle cut in them so that the clamp is supported close up against the stem. BE SURE to allow about 3/32" or 4mm clearance around the stem, as there is a wire ring on the stem that you don't want to snag as it comes out. Screw the crown nut onto the top of the stem to protect the threads, and piece of plastic such as the lid from a coffee can to protect the nut, and press it down and out of the clamp.

The purpose of the wire ring is to stop the stem from moving up into the clamp, which would loosen the head bearings as you rode. the bore has a step in it so that the ring will go in part way, hit the step, and stop. When you push it back in, use some anti-seize to help it move.

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