XL 250 ('72) clicking noise (Engine/Transmission related)

This issue didn't occur until today. Three days prior I had run it and ridden it then shut it down normally and put it away. Also, the whole time I rode it there was no noise or issue starting, riding it, nothing. Now it won't start.

The oil is full and clean

The noise seems to be audible twice per rotation

Charging system works

Compression sounds normal aside from clicking

I left it in gear and pushed it forward and there was plenty of the usual resistance from compression

Has anyone ever had a random noise come up and go away or am I going to have to tear this engine down?

Thanks in advance for advice and input.

Maybe you have a loose cam chain, check your tensioner to see if it needs adjusting.

Or maybe the cam chain was loose or bad and it jumped time, looks like you will have to tear it down for an inspection.

Another thing have you checked your points lately? Do you have spark?

I haven't checked my points yet. The real funny part is that I went to start it yesterday and the noise was gone! I started it, rode it and it was fine. :worthy:

Started it today and it made the click noise at the end of the kick so I think I may have a starter gear/pawl problem.

Honestly I'm just glad the timing is still perfect. I'm still going to check the points and advancer to make sure they don't need cleaning or replacement. This bike sat for 36 years.:thumbsup:

Anyways thanks for the input! :confused: the points may have something to do with the bogging under heavy throttle.

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