ttr125 suspension question

Has anyone put 2003 rm85 frontend and swingarm plus shock on a ttr125.

I can buy a rolling chassis for a big wheel rm85, but didn't know if swingarm would fit without to must mods done to it.

I suspect there is a chance the front end will work as the RM85BW uses same wheel as the YZ85 BW except the rotor on the RM will need to be swapped for the TTR. If the TTR uses YZ85 wheel the swap should work. The backwheel should work without the swingarm but isn't the TTR drum brake rear? Will need to fabricate mount and have pedal and brake for disc brake It may be possible to do the swap without too much labor but I wonder about trying to mount the RM swingarm to the TTR frame and shock.:thumbsup:

If it's a full front fork swap (forks, tripples, brakes, wheel), then you don't have to touch any part of the assembly since the assembly will come with the complete brake and wheel set up.

Not sure on the swing arm swap.


yes its a complete swap front and rear like to change swingarm shock and linage and wheels.

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