serious help needed with front brake locking up

alright heres the deal.. was riding at the end of last year and my front brake locked up on me while i was riding. when i got home we took apart the caliper and inspected every thing. the pistons were fine and everything looked alright. greased up up and put it back together. took me awhile but i finnaly got comfortable again hitting big jumps and really holding it on.. alright so last night i was changing my oil and at the end i walked by and grabbed the front brake and it wass so stiff. front wheel was locked up again.. we drained it and bled it alot and got it back working. i deceided at the end just to take off the caliper and all just to ride this weekend with. i noticed earlier that the front rim looks pretty bend. does any one have any clue what could be causing this and could the front rim being bent cause the calpier to randomly seize up?? im about to buy a new rim and full brake assembly just to not have to worry about it. can anyone help here??


I don't think a bent rim/wheel will cause a brake to lock up. Even a bent brake rotor would cause a pulsating brake lever when you apply the brakes, and a low and squishy brake lever. You stated that you cleaned up the brake caliper, but did you clean and grease both cliper side pins? Also make sure there isn't dirt building up behind the master cylinder piston where you brake lever meets the master cylinder piston. The dirt could keep the piston from returning to its resting position. This could keep fluid pressure applied to the caliper, and could make it difficult to bleed the air from the brake system.

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