Starting May 17th Croom will be closed on Tue/Wed.

Hopefully this is all thats going to happen.

The Ranger said its a money thing.

You would hope our Rep Governer will help out.

yup, found out today myself. Talked more with Mark Good who manages this and a few of the other state parks. He tells me part of it is being short staffed (a result of budget cuts, hiring freeze, and then other problems). Really working on him to get a little longer hours on the days they will be open rather than continuing to close at 6pm but that is not for sure yet. There is also a "club" that hopefully will allow members to pay a fee, and ride after hours (maybe on the closed days too??). but lots of things to work out on that front too, especially legal issues of liability if rangers or emergency personel/first responders are not there if someone were to get hurt after regular park hours.. will have to wait and see..

Worse than a kick to the balls!!!

Worse than a kick to the balls!!!

I would totally agree! :thumbsup:

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