Steahly flywheel +6 oz and Dyna ring auto cluch info needed


I had a great deal on a new kx250F 2009 . I love the bike in general but I am trying to make him a bit more trail/wood friendly. I'm 190 pounds , average rider who gettting back in the sport after a 15 year break :thumbsup:

I was looking for a + 6 oz flywheel from Steahly but they dont make this one anymore and I cannot find it anywhere in stock.

My other option would be a Rev loc dyna ring but I cannot find any feedback on how it good it work for our KX250F and I have never tried any kind autocluch so I'm affraid I will not like feeling of not controlling everything or being unable to ride a gear up.

I could also get the +4 0z flywheel which is in stock, but I'm affraid it wont make a big difference.

Any imput or suggestion are welcome!!


i'm no help to the flywheel weight or Dyna, but I can tell you that the Rekluse Z-start pro on my kx250f is awesome. to me, the only thing that I miss is bump starting when my normally first kick kxf doesn't want to kick. freewheeling downhill doesn't bother me at all, and I ride a gear up all the time without a problem.

Thanks for the info,

anyone else tried an auto cluch or a heavier flywheel on our bike?

Have a Dyna Ring on my CRF 250R. Love it! Going to purchase a flywheel weight.

We just put a Rekluse Core EXP in my son's 2011 a few weeks ago. These clutches are pricey, but awesome! He raced it in a desert race the first time out, and then rode MX this past Saturday. He said on the track, he couldn't even tell it was an auto-clutch. To me, that is a good thing because part of the problem of other auto-clutches is a slightly mushy feel to the lever unless the RPM's are up. The EXP retains a totaly stock feel all the time.

We have a Z-start pro in my other son's KTM105XC. He loves it as well, but it is definitely mushy unless it is being revved up.

Some say the Z-start pro is better for trail riding, while the Core EXP is designed for a more aggressive and advanced rider. I like the Core EXP, but if you're mostly a trail rider, the Z-Start Pro will do the same thing and be cheaper.

Thanks for the reply,

I received my +4 oz Flywheel yesterday and I hope it will help with traction control and hill climbing.

I will try the flywheel with my 13T 49T gearing for a few weeks before looking deeper into auto cluch.

I also have a 12T sprocket I could try but I think it might be too much.


Thanks again

+1 on forget the Steahly and get a Rekluse. I've used Steahly 14oz but it was to tame a KX65 when my kid was gong from 50s to cluthched 65s. It definately slows the hit and makes it harder to stall, but that's about the only use for them I can think of. I race alot offroad and train on the same. My rekluse EXP makes my '11 KXF very hard to kill.

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