figured i'd let everyone know

after 4 months of not working due to surgery . bank art repair and hill sachs lesion. (got so bad my shoulder would dislocate and relocate on whoops ect.) my doctor finally cleared me to ride again and go back to work on light duty. only allowed to ride around no tracks or jumps ect.

on my time off i seemed to find this amazing site here and all the questions i ever wondered about was answered :thumbsup: thanks for all the help and keep up the good work :busted:

ride safe and remember riding is only as fun as you make it ... :confused::cheers::worthy:

Glad to hear you're doing good. Be careful man and don't push it too hard. Relax and have fun, especially while you're still healing

I f'd up my shoulder on my bike a few times and had surgery in april to repair all 3 ligaments, a torn biceps tendon hill sachs and bankart repair. August 4th will be four months. Hope im cleared to ride!! How is your shoulder holding up? Id be curious to know how it feels post op?



I had surgery on my shoulder about 10 yeas ago and all it did was take away my range of motion. For the past month I have been taking Glucosomine Chondortin and been doing weight free exercises to try and stengthen everything. I recommend to anyone suffering from shoulder injuries. Are any of you taking any supplements?? How does your shoulder feel??

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