Need Help KTM SAG ???

I just bought a left over 09 ktm 450 XCF. I have ridden bikes for about 3 years now but have just really started with bike set up as far as suspension. I recently set my bikes race sag to just under 4 inches as that is what i have seen is the correct amount from discussion. However when I measure the free sag it is way off. The bike sags a lot when resting on the ground. I only weigh 158lbs with gear. I think the spring is too stiff for me. Also my main concern is that I noticed that when my bike is on the stand and with the rear wheel unloaded I am able to move the shock spring up about 1/2 inch until it hits the preload ring which i used to set the sag. When the rear wheel is on the ground and the bike is not on the stand the spring is compressed against the adjustment ring. Is this normal??? Need some advice I don't want to mess up the rear shock with this gap?? Thanks

Do not ride the bike with a loose spring.

You need a 6.6 spring probably.

On your style chassis you wanna be around 108 race sag and 40 static sag. These are not set in stone so don't fret if you cannot achieve these exact numbers.

But you def. don't want the sag numbers you're thinking of:bonk:

You want 34% of travel in rider sag. On the KTM it is 115mm. Way more than 4" due to the 13.2" of travel. (335mm) You also want about 37-40mm static sag. on the rear. You want less than 5mm preload on the shock spring. You will probably have to change springs to get the right one. They usually come with too soft a rear spring with too much preload.

On the front forks you want 25% of travel in rider sag. That would be 75mm. You want about 40mm static sag.

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