Rules for manufacturing a product with other company's parts?

Just curious, what rules or laws apply to a manufacturer who's product is actually a collection or assembly of parts made by other companys?

The reason I ask is that I'm currently working up a few motorcyle designs, which of course would use a combination of parts I'd buy and parts I'd make. Of course, none of that is a big deal if I'm just making a bike for myself, but if I started making them and selling them, I'm sure there are some rules about these things.

For example, if I were to design around an engine made by another company, would I need to pay to license the rights to use their engine in my bike, or can I just buy engines from whatever supplier is willing to sell them to me and use them in my bikes?

Right now I've got several rough designs in CAD for enduro/offroad bikes, but the designs are really just dimensions and general layouts of generic components that kind of resemble a typical motorycle. I'm realizing quickly that I need to select a specific engine and the major suspension components that I'd like to buy and use in order to get much further with my designs. I'm pretty confident in my ability to model stuff in CAD, and I'm an accomplished machinist and welder, so fabricating alot of stuff to actually build a bike that I design doesn't worry me, but I don't know a lot about the buisness/legal side of this kind of a startup, so anything you guys can fill me in on would be great. I may never actually try to manufacture and sell bikes, but I really like designing and building things, so I figure I may as well design as if I were going to start into business. And that means I need to learn a little about the rules I'd have to operate under so I can make the best decisions about what to buy and what to make, and how to avoid getting sued by one of the big manufacturers while doing it.

Service Honda does basically that with their CR500AF and gets around the legal issues by buying whole bikes used and swapping parts. If you had hoped to buy new engines, you'll need to work out something directly with the manufacturer, because they don't generally sell whole engines.

This is pretty much how the whole manufacturing world goes 'round. You buy stuff, process it, add other stuff and resell the final result. If you could get an engine retail from Yamaha say, it's yours to do with whatever you want. Of course, real manufacturers enter into Contracts with Suppliers and get their stuff at some kind of discount from retail, and they have other stipulations attached. So, if you go to do this, make sure that your Contract covers your (and their) concerns.

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