Tire Recomendations??

I am asking for it I know... Opinions galore.. But the info I get here has always proven helpful.

First time MX-er here... I have to buy some new rubber and I would like some advice..

I have a 98 yz400f and I ride in Kansas, mostly hard, dry but ocaisonal mud.. I am needing new tires..

Currenlty I am running the factory front and a Michelin M12 rear. This is what was on the bike when I purchased it.

I am not sure what to go with but the rear seems to scoot out from under me in hard cornering and the front wants to wash out.. this is probably more my riding style (lack of) and tire pressure but I be been working on both..

Is there really a good tire for mixed conditions, like medium mud to hard pack? What do you guys sujest?

moving away from the endless miles of wheat fields! :)

i can say that since i was born/raised there, but left for a better state as soon as i could! :D

i have the baby thumper, but i'd highly suggest the Pirelli MT44 or Dunlop 756 for the front and the Dunlop 756 for the rear.

Take the Mich M-12 rear and give it to your biggest rival!

I had the Mich. S-12 front and the M-12 rear and it felt like the bike was on skates!

I now have the M-12 front and the S-12 rear.

Like a world of diff.

The bike would not hook up starting or especially stopping with the M-12 rear.

I think it is all the torque because my friend with the CR500 said the same exact thing.

I rode the tire for 2 races and about 10hrs of practice and gave it away......I hated it cuz it fealt dangerous to me.

I love the combo I am running now though.

The s-12 hooks up awesome and has seemed to last pretty good too.

Plus Mich pays top 5 to run their tires.

BIB Bucks program






so i cant complain......!!!






That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

I would recommend the Dunlop 756 front rear combo as well. I hated the original tires on my YZ. The same combo worked great on my old cr500, but not so well on the YZ. When I got the 756's the bike hooked up much better front and back on both soft and hard surfaces. Even worn the back 756 hooks well.


Ok, I have been reading the advice I have been given as well as previous threads and am still a bit confused...

I agree the M-12 feels like a skate, I am riding mostly hard pack and dry loose stuff and it just won't hook up in a corner or under breaking.. The only times its soft around here is right after a rain and then its mud for a day or two..

I have read lots of people indicating the 756 combo is the way to go but the magazines indicate it's for soft..

How does the tire rating system work?

Hard =? for hard pack???

Soft=? for soft to muddy conditions??

Intermidete=? a mix of both?

Is there really such thing as a tire that works well on Mud and HardPack since they seam to be so extreme in differences?

I need some experienced advice please.. :)

You are right about the hard=hard pack etc etc.

Some ppl mistake the hard/int/soft for the rubber compound! NO........

The rubber is generally the same.

It is that the tread patterns are diff.

Hard are close tread and on Mich H-12 they are square but angled to the sidwall of the tire.Kinda like diamond shapes.

Soft are deeper lugs and spaced further apart.....therefore more subject to CHUNKING.

Although I have had very good luck with the Mich S-12 minimal chunking.

I ride a lot in the desert sand and it changes often to rocks and sand which generally chews tires up quickly.

Intermediate is the mfg idea of somewhere in between!

As far as Mich goes the M-12 is the int and it is probably better on sand than hard pack.

Even though I will never buy another M-12!




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While I am new to the 426(00)I am not new to thumpers. I have run numerous tires in an effort to find the right tires. I have found the 756 to be the best for the front of all the different bikes I have owned. It hooks up better in soft mud and sand and handles pretty good on hardpack. I have not found a rear tire that I can feel real comfortable with though. I know that the stock tires stink on anything and I intend to make some changes soon. I am reading your posts to get some insight on a rear tire cause I know the front tire already.

The 695 rear was ok

The 756 rear was ok

The m12 rear was good

The s12 rear has not been tried yet

I ride in South Texas so we have a lot of sand and gumbo mud that is hard as a rock when dry and slick as hell when wet.

Any suggestions?


Hey TomN,

I live in the KC Metro and ride a lot in KS and so I understand the terrian that you are riding in. What I have found to be the best setup for me is the 755 Front/756 Rear. I am not found of the Michelin(from my roadracing days) but I have heard a lot of good about the M-12 from some of my riding buddies. They run it with the 755 on the front of their bikes.

But you could be like one of my buddies he tries all tires. He has tried everything from Michelins to Kings. One of his attempts was the Maxxis M-6001, as it had just as much grip as the Dunlops but the only downfall in my eyes is that the tire is directional. So flipping it around to extend its life is out of the door. I loved the feel of the tire on the bike but would have to have Maxxis sponsor me to ride the tire. LOL

You should check out Emig's Racing in KC Metro. Bryan(Jeff's Brother) sells his once raced tires pretty cheaply. I have gotten a few from him.

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Go with Bridgestone M77-front


Really good choice for a bike that chews up everything in it's path !! They last a really

long time !


Hey TomN,

The track in Colorado that I use has similar conditions. On the days that they don't water the stock 739s (get the G rear and FAJ front) are actually ok. But street tires would be okay too, the track is like asphalt without water. I run the 756s front and rear and they work MUCH better when the track is watered (remember, they water for races) and are still pretty good when its dry. The 755 front is also a great tire, I use it for offroad, it seems even better in the sand and wet soft dirt than the 756.

BTW, are you still planning to come out in August? Looking forward to riding with you.

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