Rip Jeff "OX" Kargola


This really lit up on facebook, Rip Jeff "OX" Kargola known racer

taken from us down in Baja "Rip to the tip" ride

One of the U-tube vids posted



WOW! Thats too bad. Did this happen today? day 1 right? I had saved the link to watch the progress of the ride and had yet to check it.

Very sad, always tough to see a rider go down, whether you know them or don't. RIP OX! :confused::thumbsup::worthy:

For purpose of info on this, The Rip to Tip, I think this is third run of this

Follow this link for footage taken yesterday, Very unfortunate for OX, I

did not know him, but I do know some of the participants of this ride,

If I had the time, and was in better physical shape, I would love to have ridden

just one leg of this thing


hopefully for his family/friends the pain of his passing is somewhat tempered with the fact that he was doing something he loved and surrounded by friends at the time...


Johnny Campbell releases brief statement, Most of the guys are going to continue the ride

What a tragic loss. RIP

On a side note the rip to the tip looks like an awesome ride. I wonder what went wrong that caused this.

He crashed in some whoops. This sport can bite you at any time no matter how good you are. I can only think of D-37 star racer Anthony Modica who crashed in a 'Best of the Desert' race and had to have his leg amputated at his hip and was in a coma for weeks.

And to think this was a fun ride, very tragic.

RIP Ox.... I can't believe this news... So sad... To the other riders: Have a safe ride and finish the ride for Ox....

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