2011 CRF450R Valving

Hey guys, I am looking at doing some valving for one of my friends on his '11 CRF.

I was looking through the stock valving stacks, and from what I see the base looks pretty standard, probably kinda soft with a 14 clamp huh? The rebound and mid valving are what got my attention. The rebound stack looks a little on the soft side.

But the compression on the mid is quite a bit different from what I'm used to seeing. I havent worked on the new style mid's with no collar or spring, what is the best way to approach tuning the compression, is float still measured the same way as the old system and how are the rest of the measurments taken?


Harperf is quite familar with these newer forks perhaps pose the question to him .

I would not normally tweak any midvalve unless it's causing issues like 08 CRf , wp and 05 yzf

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