03 CR250R clacking in the motor question

OK I'm sure this has been asked and answered but I'm lazy so here goes, their is a clacking in the engine sounds like the beginning of a loose rod to me I just got the bike so I tore down the top checked rod play and their is none checked piston it looks like new and is factory checked plating and is good factory plating with the hone swirls still their! So I'm guessing the clacking is the RC valve(electric driven power vale)?? I'm going to a track Sunday with 60 to 80 ft doubles and a few 80ft to 110 ft tables and I just want to be confident in the motor!:thumbsup:

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Check your jetting, mine does that when the needle is lean.

Thanks for the info bro and that sounds like it mite be it ,the bike brakes up a lil on the top end I was thinking it may be lean, especially since I run 32:1 and I think the previous owner was running 40:1:thumbsup:

Seems you may have a little pinging. It depends where you get the ping, low, mid or topend. That will tell you where you need to richen it.

Well luckily before I could tear into the carb it cleaned itself out (mite have something to do with the Sunoco 110 and Redline 2stroke oil I put in it :thumbsup:) I was just about to shut off the motor to pull off the bowl and the idle picked up and the clacking stopped, seems the bike had been sitting and the idle circuit must have gummed up?

Anywho this thing now rips!:confused: Now I may have to re gear it this thing is geared a bit tall second gear is just a touch below the sound barrier and 3 gear feels like take off speed all I need are wings :worthy: I cant even get into forth on the power line access road I test my bikes on Plus its a lil hard to roll off in first without stalling have to clutch slip a lot!

I was told this bike was bought from an FMXer (supposedly his back up bike hence the low hours) and with the V-Force Delta 2, FMF SST pipe plus the tall gearing that was on it when I got it I don't doubt it.

Ck that vf2 for leaks great reeds, not a great cage.

Thanks for the suggestion PiePlates I appreciate it but I did a leak check after reassembling the top including the reedcage :thumbsup: But its good to know for the future that its a place to watch thanks bro :confused:

P.S. After running it a bit (and doing the 12mm RC valve adjustment) the clacking is or almost is gone I'm thinking a gummy carb was to blame causing a lean condition?

I'm getting the same clacking when I hold on like 3/4 throttle for a while through a long sweeper or something. Assumed it was the RC valve..

Might have to rethink things!!?...

My '02 CR250R clacks too. I am running a 400 main jet, 32.5 slow jet and have the JD Jetting red marked needle installed with the clip in the number 3 position from the top. I run the bike at 40:1 with 93 octane pump gas and Amsoil Interceptor full synthetic two-stroke oil. I don't think that the noise I am hearing is pinging and neither does one of my riding buddies that has a lot of experience with smokers. Like I posted a while back, another friend of mine is a Honda service tech and he said that this generation CR250R('02-'07) most definitely has a "noisier engine than previous generations of the CR". Just to satisfy my curiosity I may go richer on the slow jet and needle to see what type of effect it has on the clacking noise if any at all.

Well got out today and put a lil more than 4 hours (4.2) on the hour meter at Durhamtown did everything from trails to MX tracks bike got stronger and stronger as the day went on (the exhaust note actually changed, sounded like a pingy 125 in the morning by the end of the day was barkin like a 250 should) and all in all the clack got quieter but never went away totally.

Had a chance to talk to 2 FMXers that ride GEN3 CR's and was told the CR motor is just noisy there is nothing wrong with it one actually rode my bike a lap at MX2 track and said its good to go sooo I'm gonna accept that and ride the he11 outa her this bike is amazing feels so light like a BMX bike I could make mid air corrections by tugging on the bars or body English I think I'm in love!

I can't believe I waited so long to get off that KTM I am immensely pleased with this bike :thumbsup: shes got a new home for a long while!

Quick note, check the reed pedals on a regular basis. The corner of my left side reed pedal broke off and caused at times the bike to rev out on its own with no throttle input when landing from a jump. This happened in less than 20 hrs of use. I'm going with the rad valve now.

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