Drz125l a good bike?

Hey guys i just want your opinions on a 2006 drz125L. I ride around on trails and go to the occasional small mx track. I'm 5'5 and 125lbs. thanks guys!

Honestly i think the bike will be good for you for like 5 months then you will want more power.

I really think a 125 2 stroke is right up your alley. The 125 2 stroke will make you a better rider than the drz will.

And plus you get 10X better suspension too.

I'm 5'9, and I am selling my 06 Drz 125L. I upgraded to a Yamaha XT 225 because it's street legal and I needed more power and speed. Top end on the DRZ 125L jetted and without the spark arrester is about 50 Mph on a flat well maintained dirt road. The DRZ was great for me to learn on but after about 6 days of ridding I had to upgrade. It would fit you great now and if you can get a great deal in the off season, and sell it in season you might break even if you don't damage it and take good care of it. It's a great bike over all if your the right size. If your going to turn around and sell pretty quick buy used for sure. Just make sure it works great. Even if you are going to keep it for a while buy used. I bought mine and it was almost brand new. And I paid less then half price for it.

I won't tell you about other bikes because I don't know about other bikes. A lot of it is just opinion and what you like. But a 2 stroke might be good for you. :thumbsup:

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