Got milk?


Got Milk???? Better make that... Got Crane? :)

It never seems to look too deep until its too late :)

DAmm looks like some of the mud we rode in one the single track at paragon yesterday.. Hmmm were you there ??? :)

I'll bet the "middle lane" was 5 inches deep!!!


Damn scorch, you need to work on your line selection :D

Looks like fun. :)

I'll bet the "middle lane" was 5 inches deep!!!


Of course it was!! :D

My rear tire kept sliding, im sure if I went right in the middle, it would have just slipped onto the right or the left, like it did previously. I need a new rear tire.

That terraflex looks nice :)

I haven't seen mud since march , Thanks :)

My WR would have cruised that thing! :)

Ya know, in a few months, when the vegetation closes in around it, that will make for quite a pretty display. :)


leave it there. it will be like the husky monument out in the cali dez.

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