Tinta Trail


Has anyone ridden the Tinta Trail recently? I was wondering what kind of shape it's in. I was thinking of taking my son on a ride tomorrow (he's on a plated 520).

Several years ago I did a VCMC DualSport ride that started at the Flying J in Frazier Park, went through Gorman, up Frazier Mt, into Pine Mt, through Quatal Canyon, had lunch in Ventucopa, rode the Tinta trail and came back across Lockwood to FP.

I know Frazier Mt is still closed, but I was thinking of doing a modified version of that ride. Flying J to the little town of FP, hit the Tecuya trail, into Pine Mt, then Quatal Cnyn, have lunch in Ventucopa, ride the Tinta trail and just ride all the way back on Lockwood.

Do you think Tecuya is open? (I don't think it's nearly as high up as Frazier Mt)

We just need to ride!!!!!!!


Most of the time they open all the gates at the same time. You could always hit Ballinger for some dirt fun. To bad Toad Springs is still closed that trail puts a great DS loop together

Rode Tinta yesterday.  Me on my Husky 501 and my cousin on a Beta 450.  Started at the lower end at the Tinta Campground.  The rainy winter has not been kind.  Tremendous amount of vegetation covering the trail.  Plan on riding chest to overhead sage for long periods.  Its almost Braille in spots.  The creek crossing are a little challenging with more rocks showing and exits often covered with overgrowth.  Took us two and half hard hours with a few water breaks in the 100 degree heat.  The last half mile to the West Dry Canyon exit is an exercise in route finding up the creek bed.  Went out Dry Canyon to the 33 and up Quatal.  It was too hot to really do much more so we slabbed it back to the truck at Tinta.  The ride is really nice and the scenery is great.  Don't do this trail alone unless you can self rescue.  Would rate it a high intermediate.

Tinta...  isn't that the area between the ass and the woohoo ?  :lol:

I remember some of those trails we did 20+ years ago. 

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