DRZ Battery Tender

Hey guys, newer DRZ owner here. Havent been able to get out and ride much since buying it recently and i bought a battery tender junior and hooked it up.

Positive on positive , neg on neg, didnt ground it to frame or anything like instructions figured on neg was fine. Lit up red like it was under 80% so i guess it was a good thing i bought it to get rdy for this month :thumbsup:

Is this ok?

Where did you guys run your quick disconnect lead? I ran it towards the overflow and tucked it underneath it, i can ziptie it if needed, but wasnt sure yet.

I ran mine to the back. I just peaks out from behind the # plate under the back fender

Was it to avoid the spark of connections near fumes of the overflow? or was it just easy to zip tie to that spot?

Both. Plus it looks sanitary, you can hardly see it. I ran the wires so the fuse is easy to get to. It looks stock.

K , think ill move it around then.

Do you happen to have a picture or can describe how you put the fuse?

I cant seem to get the panel back on with the fuse so close to the battery terminal ends.


rearranged the wires like 12 times, finally got the panel to line up like without it. The terminals are very cloes to the fender plastic, and will make a unsightly gap if not positioned JUST right.

Took a zip ties to the wires and tied it along the subframes, the wire only reaches to about the helmet lock , and i zip tied it to the hole to the left of that (the end cap)

Looks like some debree could wear down the wires eventually, but at 7 dollars for a new cable its no big deal to replace.

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I need to get a photobucket account so I can post pics.

the fuse is on the back of the sub frame just foward of the battery. the plug is zip tied to the subframe just behind the number plate. You can just see the cap at the top back of the number plate. If you make sure the square part of the zip ties are on the inside of the frame it won't effect the plate.

Your cord must be much longer then mine, the fuse is just barely a few inches from the positive. And the cord itself doesnt even completely reach the helmet lock. Checked both cords, the one i purchased seperately and the one that came with the unit.

The plug is way foward of the helmet lock. It's just barely to the back of the number plate.

as long as its out of the way it really doesnt matter where it goes as long as you can get to it to hook the terminals

Mine just hangs down by the overflow tank.



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